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13 August 2019

San Remo Campus

Fantastic news on Thursday 8th August!

It’s happening!

Thrilled to say that the Minister for Education, James Merlino, announced that the proposed junior setting for the Phillip Island / San Remo / Waterline communities will:

  • Be located in San Remo
  • Be a campus of WSC
  • Be a Year 7 to Year 9 Campus
  • Be available for use in 2022
  • Be provisionally named “Bass Coast Junior Secondary Campus”

So many positive outcomes for our junior students!

  • Shorter travel time
  • More ‘home’ time
  • A community connection to a nearby school
  • Easing the pressure of numbers at the Dudley Campus
  • Enhanced relationships with staff
  • And so much more!

A great day for government education in the Bass Coast area; a positive outcome that will support our young people for decades to come!