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Wonthaggi Secondary College

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22 August 2019

Mathematics Association of Victoria Year 8 – 9 Mathematics Challenge Day

Wonthaggi Secondary College competed in the Mathematics Association of Victoria Year 8 – 9 Mathematics Challenge Day, held at Federation University Gippsland on the 14 August 2019. Two teams comprising eight enthusiastic mathematics students were welcomed by Helen Haralambous (Mathematics Education Consultant). The first two sessions focused on Team Puzzles and Team Problem Solving, each team member used their critical thinking skills to liaise with one another and come to a collective solution. A short break and students were back into the World of Maths. This time, students competed head to head with one other student from another Secondary School on a range of algebraic problems. The afternoon session concluded with a school team relay, students displayed an urgency for this half hour sprint to the finish line. “Pens down” was the final announcement from the host, students sat silently and impatiently for the adjudication of the days’ proceedings. The announcement, “This has been the closest scoring of all time” meant students knew it was going to be close one. Final results were released, the students and teachers from Wonthaggi Secondary College were ecstatic to find team 2 had achieved 230 points and received 3rd position medals for the competition. The college students were even more delighted to find out that their team 1 had taken out 1st position with 245points. The College and Mathematics Department couldn’t be prouder of their students and would like to congratulate Connor, Caleb, Kate, Kayla, Hayley, Bianca, Alex and Jake on their team work, dedication and their enthusiasm for mathematics.

Other colleges and Secondary Schools who competed on the day were Newhaven College, Chairo Christian School and Mirboo North Secondary College.

Mr Michael Dowson and Ms Jo Taylor, said these events provide rural students with exposure to a University environment and the opportunity to test themselves against peers from schools across the region.