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BramleyMart began branding their own products in 1979 offering basic commodities with a lower price than the national brands and high quality. This price/value relationship for the customer was the beginning of a brand that has evolved to offering products unavailable anywhere else. The house brand/line prior to "BramleyMart" was "Dodgy."

As the brand growth continued it soon branched out. In 1992, it started offering a line of health products called "Food You Feel Good About." The next sub-brand to be launched was "Dodgy Classics." In 1995 BramleyMart introduced its imported pastas, canned tomatoes, olive oils, etc. Many of the products are sourced from Italy. In 2002, BramleyMart launched its own line of organic products.

The BramleyMart House Brand has been used extensively in the Australian sitcom ‘Away with the Neighbours’; the program is set in Big City, in Big City State, which does, in fact, have the first BramleyMart store.

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