Wonthaggi Secondary College

“Achieving success in a caring and creative environment.”

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Dudley Junior campus

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Year 7 Prospectus 2019 [PDF File]

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Year 8 & 9 Handbook 2019 [PDF File]

Year 7 to 8 Selection Form 2018 [PDF File]

Year 8 to 9 Selection Form 2018 [PDF File]

Dudley Campus Information Booklet

Information Booklet 2019 [PDF File]

McBride Senior campus

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Senior Programs Handbook 2019-2020 [PDF File]

Year 10 to Year 11 Subject Selection Sheet 2019 [PDF File]

Year 11 to Year 12 Subject Selection Sheet 2017 [PDF File]

External VETiS Application Form 2016 [PDF File]

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VICTER 2016 (Victorian Tertiary Entrance Requirements for 2017) [PDF File]

VICTER 2015 (Victorian Tertiary Entrance Requirements for 2018) [PDF File]

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The Video presented on the night of the 19th August 2015 [MOV File]

The Presentation on the night of the 19th August 2015 [PDF File]

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Year 10 Prospectus 2019 [PDF File]

Year 10 Course Selection Sheet 2019 [PDF File]