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To use information effectively, confidently and independently is an important goal of education particularly in light of the changing nature of work and the information explosion.  It is no longer possible to learn a job and expect the skills initially acquired to last a lifetime.

It is therefore important to learn how to learn. 

Information skills are needed to make efficient and effective use of information. It is important that students learn to sift the relevant information from the irrelevant.  Access to and management of information is therefore crucial.  Just like any other skill acquisition, students need to practise their information skills.  The research process provides those opportunities.

Prethinking a unit of work
What are my goals and objectives?

What information will be covered?

What skills will students need?
How long have I got for this unit of work?
What am I going to assess? - CSF outcomes
How will I assess the work?
What appropriate resources are available?
What other staff can be consulted?
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