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Navigation and system requirements.
This program has been designed with extensive use of nested tables. Therefore it is highly recommended that you view this program using the latest browsers. Otherwise, this program will act like any other html program developed for the web with off line and online links. NB: To be able to access the online links you must be connected to the Internet.
On opening the program the window of your browser will enlarge itself to full screen mode without the navigation, location toolbars and the status and menu bars of the browser. Scrolling and resize functions are always active in every window.
All pop-up windows are resizable using the resize tool available to all browsers on all systems.
This program can run solely from the CD or the entire contents can be copied to your hard drive for serving or individual purposes.
Windows only: Use the installer provided for this purpose.
Macintosh: Drag the folder indicated to your hard disk as is.
Recommended requirements for viewing the program comfortably
Browser Version Platform System requirements Monitor requirements
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or greater Mac 9x/OSX
Flash installed, minimum 64MB system ram and (Mac only) adequate memory allocation for browser.

The larger the resolution the better with a minimum of 1024x768 recommended.

A resolution size of 800x600 will require more scrolling than would otherwise be the case with monitors set to the recommended resolution size.

Chrome Mac 9x/OSX
This program can run on other browsers like Safari for OSX but results cannot be guaranteed.
Printing can be activated using the normal tools available from the browser in use.
Page orientation
For best results, care should be taken to ensure that the appropriate page orientation is selected. A4 portrait is the predominant orientation except for some pages, eg. Defining: Creative questions section which will need a landscape orientation. Choose the "print preview" tool to ensure you are printing what you want to print.
Printing tables
All pop-up windows are printable using the normal printing tools available from the browser in use.
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