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Year 8 SEAL Program

The focus in this subject will be on extending students beyond theĀ  usual Year 8 Curriculum. Students will develop skills, which enable them to competently use a range of strategies to plan, compose, revise and edit both written and spoken texts, which examine different perspectives on complex themes and issues. They will be required to apply these strategies to support their understanding and analysis of extended texts.

SEAL students are taught mathematics at Year 9 level in Yr 8, which is, advanced by one school year. The one year advancement allows students to tackle senior mathematics subjects one year earlier than the main student body, allowing Year 11 and 12 mathematics subjects to be commenced during Year 10.
The Year 8 SEAL course content is identical to the standard Year 9 course, however, there is a focus on high level thinking, problem solving and independent learning appropriate to the learning capabilities of SEAL students. Students use a combination of book work, computer tasks and hands on activities to develop their mathematical skills. They are expected to complete work set in class for homework regularly.
Students are assessed at the end of each topic, their book work and computer tasks are used to moderate their grades.

This unit is an advanced Year 8 unit. Topics covered will be the same as those studied in Year 8 mainstream classes but the Achievement Standards met will be those of the Year 9 Victorian Curriculum.

Science (SEAL) is an advanced level of study. The topics will be the same as those studied in Year 8 mainstream classes, but students cover these topics in greater depth.

Semester 1
In this semester students will learn about weekend activities, family, like/dislikes, time, expressions daily routine, food and drink. The ability to read and write the Hiragana script will be consolidated. Some new Kanji symbols will be learnt. Cultural elements relevant to the above topics will be studied.
Semester 2
In this semester students will learn about days of the week, country life, mode of transport, the calendar, school and students will begin to learn how to read and write the Katakana symbols. More facts about country and culture will be included.