Special Programs

Select Entry Accelerated Learning SEAL) – formerly known as PAL (Program for Accelerated Learning)

Students in the Year 7 SEAL (Select Entry Accelerated Learning) class will be accelerated through ENGLISH, MATHS, HUMANITIES, JAPANESE and SCIENCE. Entry to this program is by testing and interview. For further information please contact the SEAL Coordinator via the general office.

Literacy Support

At Year 7, Wonthaggi Secondary College offer a Select Entry Literacy Program (SELP) that seeks to improve the literacy of students who have been identified by their Grade 6 teacher as having skills and understandings in this area below the state standard. Literacy assistance is also available for any student outside of the SELP class who needs support in developing their general literacy skills.
For further information about SELP and other literacy interventions available for Year 7 students, please contact Wonthaggi Secondary College’s Literacy Coordinator.

Peer Support

This program trains selected Year 9 students in the area of student support. Peer Support Leaders are assigned to Year 7 Home Groups to assist with their transition between Primary and Secondary School. Peer Support students work with Year 7 students in classrooms, assist students in the yard and act as a point of contact for new students.

The Peer Support Leaders help with the organization of events, cross age tutoring in programs such as ‘Fantastic Racers’ and are valuable role models for students in the areas of leadership and social skills at the school. The training and skills gained by Peer Support students provide them with a sense of citizenship within our community and in their capacity of school leaders they often represent Wonthaggi Secondary College at community functions.