On Tuesday 4 February, Glenn McGinley and I took the Year 11 VCAL classes to visit the DESAL plant. After a general OHS training video, and booklet to be filled in, students were given a brief history of the plant by Tim Scott, and taken on a tour.

While the tour was shorter than was planned due to a number of students not wearing appropriate clothing, it was useful none the less. Students had a chance to see many of the main areas of the plant, and were able to see hoists, hazardous chemicals and other dangerous equipment which were covered in detail during the OHS training manual.

Afterwards, students filled in an Evaluation form to help give me a clearer idea of how productive the students found the day. A massive thanks to Glenn for offering to come on the excursion, and to all of the students who attended.

Antonio Castello
Year 11 VCAL Literacy