Year 10 Elective Subjects / Languages

Why Study Languages?

Students are encouraged to continue studying a language at Year 10 and onto the VCE level for a variety of reasons.

Studying a language contributes to the development of higher order thinking skills and it improves a students understanding of grammar and literacy in the English language. Learning another language also allows students to develop a better understanding of their own culture as well as appreciate the cultures of others.

Greater Employment Opportunities

Studying a language opens the doors to greater employment opportunities in fields such as: Tourism and Hospitality, Engineering, Trade and Commerce, Technology, Education, Art and Design, Health and Welfare, Journalism, Environmental Sciences , Law and Accounting.

Knowledge Of Other Cultures

Australia is a multicultural society, necessitating the ability to understand the world from the perspectives of other cultures. Studying a second language will improve understanding and use of English.
Indonesian and Japanese units run for the whole year, students undertake the unit in both Semesters 1 & 2.