VCE or VET Subjects in Year 10

VCE and VET in VCE subjects are undertaken in Years 11 and 12, however, a limited number of VCE Units 1 & 2 subjects and several Vocational Education in Schools (VET in VCE) subjects are offered to Year 10 students. The main reasons for considering this option would be:

  • To challenge and extend yourself.
  • To gain some experience of how VCE/VET in VCE works.
  • To improve your chances of selection into tertiary studies by taking a Units 1 & 2 subject in Year 10 then Units 3 & 4 (Year 12 level) in Year 11. This will give you 6 studies at the end of Year 12 instead of the usual 5. There is also the possibility of studying a first year university subject in Year 12, provided you have already successfully completed a Year 12 subject in Year 11 (See VCE Coordinator for more information).
  • To study a subject, in which you are interested, but would not have room for in a full VCE program.

An electronic copy of the VCE/VCAL/VET in VCE handbook is available from the Wonthaggi Secondary College website:, follow the curriculum link

Some suitable subjects could be:

Off Campus VET:

Interested students should see the VET Coordinator, for information on off campus courses. These studies are external to McBride Campus and incur a completion fee. To secure a place in these courses in 2020, students will be required to pay for their course before the end of the current year (date to be advised).

Students who are approved to do an external VCE VET subject will be required to pay the difference between the cost of the VCE VET course charged by the external provider and the funding received by the school. The VET coordinator will advise you of the cost.

Some Conditions:

To be able to successfully undertake a VCE or VET in VCE or in OFF CAMPUS VET VCE unit in Year 10, the student in most cases will need to have excelled in related studies in Year 9 or achieved success in related extension studies in Year 9. It is essential when considering an advanced program to seek the advice of your Year 9 teachers.

Places for Year 10 students in VCE/VET in VCE are dependent on availability and timetable restrictions, therefore places are limited. Students need to seek advice from Year Level Co-ordinators, teachers and the Careers Counsellor.

Students will be interviewed by the Year 10 Co-ordinator where their subject choices will be discussed with them. Where students have missed out on a subject, they will be asked to choose again from the available subjects.

As a general rule, one VCE or VET in VCE or OFF CAMPUS VET in VCE Year 11 subject, is the limit for Year 10 students to ensure success in all subjects undertaken.