Weeks of planning paid off today as the whole class worked together to sell food for a BBQ lunch, a range of sweet foods, and crazy coloured Jolly Sole socks, leading to a $637.15 profit on ‘Are You Okay’ National Mental Health Day.

The Literacy class have done an incredible job of brainstorming initial ideas, deciding on the stalls we saw today. They have hand delivered letters to many local organisations, resulting in generous donations, which formed the foundation of what was on offer today.

The class decided some weeks ago that a worthy cause to donate all of our money too would be headspace, so last week Kris and Sophie came to speak to the class about their organisation, as well as express their incredible gratitude for the classes decision to donate the money raised.

Students were responsible for collecting all of the ingredients required for the baked goods, as well as the BBQ items, and were more than happy to be given this responsibility.

While the original idea connected to the pledge Jack Connors made to drinking nothing but tap water for three months, and the class decision to support Jack with this pledge, the feeling was that money could be raised in a number of ways, some of which did not technically connect to water or its competitor, sweetened beverages, or sweet food generally. In actual fact, while there was plenty of sugar in the sweet items for sale, more importantly there was an abundance of love, support and contented young people; and this was better than any message about dietary habits.

In addition to the food stalls, was a Head Space stall with Kris and two co-workers; Sarah Greene from Bass Coast Health who set up a sugar and water stall; and music supplied by Freezer, YMCA with musician Nick Huigsloot on guitar.

I would like to thank the following staff in particular who have helped enormously with this day: Penny Morris for the use of the Food Area; Support staff Cheryl Nelson for driving the interest for the Jolly Soles Socks, and working with Lainie Paterson and Laila Kane Di Paolo; Lee Whelan for her endless support and encouragement through the whole process; Emma O’Halloran for cooking the delicious caramel slice; Toni Pearson and Lee Whelan for supporting Michelle Dehar and Dani Ashcroft to bake scones and choc-chip muffins; and all of the staff who supported us by purchasing food, socks and generally hanging out with the students on what turned out to be a cold and windy Spring day. Thanks to Darren Martin for setting up the BBQ’s and trestle tables.

Thanks to the following students as well:

Rory Gow, Charlie Cook, Jack Connors and Cade Cook for running the BBQ; Hayley De Lacy-Shrives and Keenan Ferguson for Publicity; Angus Cox and Cody Drennan for last minute running around; and Keenan Ferguson and Sam Rodhi for the initial theme of Ocean Colours for the out of uniform day.

Wonthaggi Secondary College would also like to thank the following organisations whose generous donations have been gratefully accepted:

  • Coles- $50.00 voucher
  • Safeway- $30.00 voucher
  • Connells Bakery- 10 loaves of bread
  • Whistle Stop Bakery- a mountain of bread
  • Mitchells Butchery- trays of sausages
  • Wonthaggi Meats- trays of sausages